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Videos and Events

"Holocaust, Genocide, and Contemporary Bioethics" with Stacy Gallin, William Silvers, Matthew Wynia, Susan Miller, and Ira Bedzow
Medicine in the Mountains - "Ethical Leadership" with Ginny Dyche, Ira Bedzow, and Matt Wynia
Emmanuel Levinas' Philosophy &
Letting the Stranger In
Medicine in the Mountains - "Medical Ethics in a Multi-cultural World” with Ira Bedzow and Host Ginny Dyche
Medicine in the Mountains - "Cultural Competence & Ethics" with Paul Root Wolpe, Teo Forcht Dagi, and Ginny Dyche
Medicine in the Mountains - "Death with Dignity"
with Ginny Dyche, Ira Bedzow, and Matt Wynia
"When Life Nears Death:
A Conversation of Medical & Social Values"
The Future of Reproductive Medicine:
A Jewish Medical Ethics Perspective
Public Conversation
(Aspen, 2013)
Assemblywoman Sandy Galef presents
Choosing Your Last Day...Death with Dignity Forum 
Organ Transplantation & The Biology of Brain Death: Ethical, Economic & Cultural Implications
Cross Currents - Ira Bedzow: When Life Nears Death

The Aspen Center for Social Values is a network of socially-minded individuals seeking practical ideas to solve pressing social challenges. Its mission is to promote serious thought about - and to bring a fresh and unique voice to - social and societal challenges that confront the world today.

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