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A show that talks about all aspects of human flourishing, from physical and mental health to social and spiritual well-being...  

The Good Life! consists of a series of conversations with both local and national leaders in health care, law, environment, science, business, and faith that will stretch your understanding of the relationship between different aspects of health and wellness.

The Rise of Anti-Semitism

with Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland

Eldercare and Living Life More Fully

with Dr. Jules Rosen, Chief Medical Officer of Mind Springs Health

Secularism and Its Relationship with Multiculturalism

with Rev. Jane Keener-Quiat, Rev. Charla Belinsky, and Rabbi Mendel Mintz

Immigration, Acculturation, and Community Building

with Jon Fox-Rubin, Executive Director of Valley Settlement

The Values of Success

with Katherine Sand, Director of Aspen Family Connections

Where Do Moral Beliefs Come From and How Do We Act On Them?

with Mary Gentile, Creator and Director of Giving Voice to Values

The Politics of Science

with David Houggy, President of the Aspen Science Center

The Relationship Between Public and Private Health

with Karen Koenemann, Public Health Director for Pitkin County

What Does Integrated Care Mean?

with Ross Brooks, Executive Director of Mountain Family Health Centers

What are the Values of Healthcare Delivery?

with James Corbett, Senior Vice President of Community Health Improvement and Values Integration at Centura Health

Teaching Character

with Rob Stein, Superintendent of the Roaring Fork School District

How Does the Environment Affect Well-being?

with Chris Lane, CEO of Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

The Aspen Center for Social Values is a network of socially-minded individuals seeking practical ideas to solve pressing social challenges. Its mission is to promote serious thought about - and to bring a fresh and unique voice to - social and societal challenges that confront the world today.

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