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The Aspen Center for Social Values works closely with those who are engaged in business, who participate in politics, who research contemporary ethical and social issues, university students and aspiring minds.


Our goal is to bring a fresh and unique voice to social and societal challenges that confront the world today.  We recognize that different experiences provide different voices and that there is a great value in exploring a multitude of approaches (or perspectives).


By introducing new ideas and viewpoints into the discussion, we hope to obtain a “larger picture” of the issues.  In addition, with different ways to approach a question, we hope to find fuller and more productive answers.


As a think tank, we want to examine how social values can be employed in practical programs and policies to create stronger social values in different communities and across communities.  As a network of socially-minded individuals, we also want our research to have a positive impact on people.  Using the methods of the hard and soft sciences, we intend to apply our research to those areas we study.  By actively applying our research for the benefit of the common good, we seek to show the value of great ideas and collaborative thinking.


If you are interested in promoting social values in practice or are interested in improving the quality of life of those around you, then the Aspen Center for Social Values is interested in hearing what you have to say. Engage with us and allow us to learn from you.  Together, through dialogue, we can create something more than just talk.  We can create a path towards action.


The Aspen Center for Social Values is a network of socially-minded individuals seeking practical ideas to solve pressing social challenges. Its mission is to promote serious thought about - and to bring a fresh and unique voice to - social and societal challenges that confront the world today.

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